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Mueller Austin

When the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport vacated its location in 1999, the 700-acre site was left open for redevelopment. After decades of community planning efforts, a new community was given the green-light for development at the location. Fast-forward to today and the Mueller Austin community is a thriving community that will be home to approximately 14,300 people, 14,500 employees, 10,500 construction jobs, 4 million square feet of office and retail, more than 6,200 homes and 140 acres of public open space. 

Mueller Austin: An Award-Winning Community

The award-winning master plan has roots that go back to as early as 1984. Then, the CARE plan inspired a new vision for urban development. It was one that promoted compact and higher density development that’s compatible with the surrounding single-family neighborhoods. In 1996, a 16-member task force created the concept for the creation of a compact and pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use community.

Collaboration on a New Development

The City of Austin was challenged to create a district that would be a model for responsible urban development. It would be a development that provides an alternative to land-consumptive and automobile-dependent development patterns throughout the region. It would inspire a new growth model within Austin that would help usher the city’s urban development into the 21st Century. The Task Force and the City collaborated to create a development that would promote long-term private and public partnership. 

Residential Real Estate

As a result, the Mueller district provides a variety of housing products for Austin’s diverse population. There, you can find single-family detached homes, cozy garden homes with a shared common areas for community gatherings, attached row houses and condominiums. Homes in the community provide a perfect location for a variety of lifestyles and brings them all together in an efficient, thoughtfully-planned neighborhood. 

Commercial Real Estate

In addition to residential homes, there is a strong commercial real estate presence in Mueller Austin. The community is approved for over 3.5 million square feet of commercial office development. As a result of the available commercial space and the popularity of the community, it’s is now home to two corporate headquarters, over 150,000 square feet of medical office space, and the University of Texas’ Dell Pediatric Research Institute. Office building sizes range from 40,000 square feet, to over 500,000 square feet. 

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