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After years of studying the real estate market and investing in real estate himself, David Brodsky decided to establish a real estate practice designed to serve clients.  The client centric model at David Brodsky Properties is based on the premise that while many people are interested in real estate and have some basic understanding of how a real estate transaction is completed, there is often a knowledge gap that can be served through education and strategy development.  Absent a coherent strategy, technology and information are tools without purpose.  It can be overwhelming to approach the real estate market without a true consultant at your side. Our team is here to help you develop your real estate strategy and coach you throughout the real estate process.

Many people are familiar with how to browse for property on line and research home values on third party sites. HGTV captivates the thoughts of consumers with how to buy and sell properties.  In the current information age, lots of information is available for individual consumption.  While a lot of this information can be instructive and helpful, there is a need to put the details in perspective and have an organized and well thought out approach to real estate.

Your Real Estate Strategist:

Real estate represents one of, if not the largest investment, that most people will make.  As significant as this is, most individuals approach the market with a transaction mindset.  They are geared to complete the deal they are currently working on, but have not necessarily stopped to consider the full impact their current real estate decision will have on their overall finances and their life.

David Brodsky Properties begins every client relationship by first understanding the objectives and goals desired to be attained.  Combined with a personal financial review and current market analysis, a strategy is developed to achieve these results.  By having an agreed strategy in place, DBP uses the most current technology to facilitate a property search or the marketing of a property.

How We Practice:

David Brodsky Properties is a real estate practice, not a transaction shop.  We take our experience and combine it with the latest technology to provide a unique consultative approach to real estate.  In addition, DBP recommends and utilizes the expertise of its service provider partners to ensure that clients receive the best representation in all aspects of their experience including lender, title, insurance and legal. The DBP model does not seek a particular transaction type, but rather focuses on a portfolio approach to its clients, whereby DBP facilitates the execution of the deal that best suits each individual client’s strategy.

Our Commitment To You:

David Brodsky Properties functions on the premise that client goals come first and client satisfaction is most important.  We say what we will do and we do what we say.  We act with the highest level of integrity and seek to use our consultative expertise for your maximum benefit.

Our practice is referral driven and we are grateful for the way that our clients promote us to their friends, family and colleagues seeking real estate advice.

Contact us for a free, no obligation meeting with one of our trusted real estate consultants. We will reach out to you within 24 hours.